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Creating PRO content through collective intelligence

"Alone we go faster, together we go further" ! (African proverb)
StratFlag is a content strategy software developed on the basis of collective intelligence.
This approach allows the creation of qualitative content for referencing in record time 
by inviting the right skills (internal or external) at the right time, whatever your size of business.

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Do you already have an editorial team (Internal / External) 
Perfect! Define their roles and invite them to join your project.

Are you missing one or more skills ?
Don't worry, StratFlag will come to your project on request.

You don't want to outsource but train your editors in SEO to build up your skills in-house ?
StratFlag trains your resources so that you can be 100% autonomous.

Whether you are alone or with an existing team, as you can see,
StratFlag adapts to make your digital business shine! Ready to get started ?

Invite up to 8 different skills
Compose your team and invite them to join you on StratFlag for FREE

  • Contributor

    Anyone invited to join a project has the role of contributor by default.

    This role allows you to suggest topics for articles and to monitor their progress over time.


  • SEO Checker

    A dedicated area allows the SEO specialist to define the strategy to be followed for each subject. Via this area he can also check the correct application of the strategy when writing content.


  • SEA Checker (Optional)

    If requested by the content manager: analysis of the feasibility of covering keywords not covered in SEO by SEA and synchronisation of opportunities with Google Ads for immediate visibility. Only the project manager and the SEA specialist can carry out an SEA synchro.

  • Watcher (Optional)

    It cannot modify anything but has read access to all the interfaces for monitoring topics and content. The purpose of this role is to be able to evaluate the progress of the content writing as well as the progress of the results in real time.


  • Copywriter

    It creates highly optimised content thanks to a pre-configured wizard by the SEO specialist. He has access to the task manager as well as a detailed view of the tasks assigned to him.


  • Content Manager

    This role has a dedicated area to validate / decline the topics suggested by the contributors. From this area, it also validates the contents and can request additional visibility in SEA.


  • Integrator

    He is responsible for putting online the content created and optimised for the delivery date indicated and for informing the marketing teams in case of newsletter requests.



  • Project Owner

    It invites and defines the roles of each member. He has the possibility to revoke access or adapt it. He also has the rights to perform a synchro between StratFlag and Google Ads.

Optimize each content on 25 keywords !
Thanks to a Google wizard combining SEO/SEA and contextual optimisation,
Get a serious edge over your competitors every time you publish content.

  • To treat

    When a topic has been validated for the content manager and an SEO strategy has been defined by the SEO specialist,
    the topic becomes a scorecard which is assigned to the editor indicated by the Content Manager. This scorecard is divided into 2 parts : 

    The right-hand side defines the keyword objective to be covered. It lists the number of keywords to be optimised when writing the article.

    The left side of the map shows the number of keywords that have been really optimised. In this case, as the writing work has not yet started, this area is highlighted in black (Neutral) with 0 optimised keywords.



  • To improve

    The editor has written content but it does not cover all the keywords defined by the SEO specialist.

    Either the SEO specialist declines the work carried out by requesting a review or, if it is a question of details, he can provide an optimisation to improve the score before sending it to the content manager for validation.

    Even if the text is not 100% optimised on the keywords, the content manager will have the option of requesting additional SEA visibility to cover some of the non-optimised keywords.


  • Insufficient

    The editor has written content but it covers less than half of the stated objective.

    The score is therefore insufficient and appears in red.

    This may be due to a lack of content, a work in progress that is not finished but has already been saved.
    or a failure to comply with the SEO strategy indicated in the article. 

    If this status remains as it is and the editor sends the content to the SEO specialist for follow-up, it is highly likely that the latter will decline the writing done and request a revision of the work to comply with the defined strategy.




  • Well optimized

    - The editor has written content that is in full compliance with the defined SEO strategy.


    - The copywriter has covered the majority of the keywords and support on all the keywords not covered has been done by the SEA specialist at the request of the content manager.

Our approach to making your content shine
StratFlag is the culmination of 18 years of expertise in Google referencing and content strategy

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