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It's time to SHINE

Every day, more and more people trust us
to make their digital business shine

The concept

We have developed a powerful collaborative tool that gives you the opportunity to create your digital strategy with 8 different sources of keyword suggestions.


Moreover, StratFlag is the first tool in the market to combine SEO and SEA management on the same platform. No more uncontrolled spending. 


"Alone we go faster, together we go further" ! 
​(African proverb)

StratFlag is a content strategy software developed on the basis of collective intelligence.

This approach allows the creation of qualitative content for referencing in record time by inviting the right skills (internal or external) at the right time, whatever your size of business.


Webinar 1
Generate keywords and optimize your SEO / SEA presence 

on the same platform

Duration : 30 min.  Price: Free

  • Generate the best keywords for your digital activity

  • With SEO and SEA management from a common view, ensure better consistency in landing pages

  • Synchronize the keywords present in your strategy with your SEA account to ensure an immediate presence.

Webinar 2
Creating PRO content through 

collective intelligence

Duration : 30 min.  Price: Free

  • Compose your editorial team and invite up to 8 different skills to join you on StratFlag for FREE

  • Optimize each content on 25 keywords !

    Thanks to a Google wizard combining SEO/SEA and contextual optimisation,
    Get a serious edge over your competitors every time you publish content.

Pierre Ferire

Project Manager

Business Developer

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